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Our Experience

Our agents have been working with businesses and entrepreneurs for over 10 years.  We have owned businesses and worked with

for-profit and non-profit businesses. Our goal is to connect you with the services you need to address your immediate needs.

Our staff has a background in IT Networking, Business development, Graphic design, and Entertainment. 

Our core services include Digital Marketing, Branding, Event Management, and Technology Services. 

Total Connections is a Business Network with access to nearly any service that meets your business or personal needs. 

Why Us?

We are business facilitators who provide a wide range of business support services.

Our network of service providers and agents can assist with any task related to your day-to-day business activities.

We are problem solvers. All jobs are considered, no matter the size or complexity.

 When it comes to helping our clients, we are deliberate and consistent. 

We are able to work as part of your team or as an outside vendor to address the task at hand.

There are no one size fits all solutions.

We will personalize a package that works for your timeline and budget.